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Geeky Girl Loves Winter for New Heinz Classic Soup Ad

A new advert for Heinz Classics Soup entitled "I Love Winter" features an average English girl who, despite suffering various cold-weather indignities, adores the chilly season because she can thaw out with a bowl of piping-hot tomato soup.

Ad Agency: AMV BBDO, London
Director: Jeff Labbe
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  1. Is that a Sheila Ralph Knitwear Beaver Jacket in this advert ?

  2. stupid ad she is drop dead gorgeous as typical for girls in ads but has glasses to make her a little geeky, then she says she loves winter? how ridiculous in this stupid freezing country, we didn't even have a proper summer!!!

  3. Her house is lovely. The kitchen is gorgeous. Really quirky like the girl. Wonder if its real or a set.....

  4. I really love this advert, she is just awesome...One of the few ads that also makes me want soup!

  5. There are better ways to warm this girl up!

  6. I think this girl is really pretty, i think the glasses really suit her.


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